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The Positive Impact of Vocational & Workplace Training

A recent survey of a mix of our trainees shows exactly why training is so important to all types and sizes of businesses as well as the huge impact it has had on our trainees.

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  • Gained increased confidence 91%
  • Improved my skills level 98%
  • Improved my career and future aims 98%
National Provider of Vocational & Workplace Training

On Site Training Minimises Impact on Business

Our team works on site with learners, trainers and managers to report on standards and agree action for any improvements that may be needed. We check documentation, follow audit trails, interview learners and line managers, and carry out thorough systems checks to ensure training meets national benchmarks.

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“We are very happy with TQ’s approach of field based assessment – it really works for our industry”

Mike Davies,

Field Operations Director, First Line Digital