by | Mar 19, 2015 | TQ News

Mike Motley, the Managing Director of TQ and Ian Polhill, the Finance Manager, visited the Mission Training and Mobilisation Centre at Chilwell yesterday to get a better understanding of what happens to our Reservist (WO1 Brian Armstrong) when he is mobilised and then deployed.

It was a real insight and they got some hands on weapons training (SA 80 Rifle), searching for Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), application of emergency first aid and the attached photo shows them as they came out of the “Roll Over Drills Egress Trainer” (RODET).

If one of the British Army’s latest generation of armoured vehicles is struck by an improvised explosive device, or rolls over on difficult terrain, the soldiers inside need to know how to protect themselves and safely exit the vehicle. The RODET is an armoured hull, kitted out just like a real vehicle, which can be completely rotated to simulate a vehicle rolling and coming to rest upside down or on its side.

The soldier inside with Mike and Ian left the hull when we were upside down but, thankfully, they were not asked to do the same!!


The body armour worn in the photo weighs a considerable amount.  One soldier they spoke to, weighing 75Kgs, weighed himself with all of his protective gear, weapons and ricksac and he had gone up to 135Kg and that’s without 5 litres of water!!