My Qualifications By Ashley Walters

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Case Studies

My Providing Security Services Apprenticeship by Ashley Waters.

CS_Ashley_WatersIn his own words Ashley describes his experience and some of the benefits of his apprenticeship programme with TQ Training.

What did you learn?

Over both the customer service and security courses, I developed my key people skills which gave me the confidence to reflect on situations and how I could have handled things differently. I developed my skills in maths and English to such a level that I passed the entrance exam and paper sift requirements to become a full time Police Community Support Officer and I start this new and exciting opportunity in September 2013.

How did TQ help you overcome any barriers?

As I work shifts, my assessor worked around my working commitments and gave me the resources to develop on my weak areas for maths and English and met with me around my shift patterns to discuss my concerns and build up my confidence levels.

What advice would you give someone looking to start a course?

I would strongly recommend anyone wishing to better themselves to take up training course. Before I met Richard, I was at a loose end in my career, I did not have the qualifications needed to gain a well paid job and to achieve the career aspirations I dreamed of. It was only when I sat down with Richard and we looked at my aspirations and my skill set, that we put a plan in to place which could help me. After some hard study and support, I gained all the qualifications and confidence needed to go out and get the job and career I could only previously have dreamt off.

What next?

After I completed my last course, I applied to become a police community support officer with Leicester Police Constabulary and by applying my learning’s, helped me pass the entrance exams, paper sift and gave me the confidence to go through the assessment centre. I have now been fortunate to be given a start date for Leicestershire Police Constabulary on the 3rd September 2013.