My Apprenticeship By William Ryan

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Case Studies

Where have you worked before?

My previous roles since leaving school have included working as sales rep during the year that I lived in Australia, following that I have worked both as a Passenger Host and Local Train Service Coordinator at St Pancras International before assuming my current role as Station Manager.

Which Apprenticeship have you completed/completing?

Intermediate Apprenticeship in Customer Service Level 2 & currently enrolled/completing Advanced Apprenticeship in Management Level 3.

Why an Apprenticeship?william_ryan

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to be involved in the Apprenticeship scheme; I have always enjoyed self directed study and the chance to earn valuable and internationally recognisable qualifications was one I did not want to miss out on.

What did your Apprenticeship programme involve?

My Apprenticeship has involved a lot of self directed study; using all manner of resources I have had to research information on many areas related to my job, this has been coupled with essay writing, something I haven’t practiced since leaving school, and giving presentations. This has allowed me to develop my communicative skills, something essential for my current role.

What did you learn?

One example would be the research I have had to undertake on Employee Rights and Responsibilities; this has lead to me thinking a lot about the challenges some people can face in the workplace and how I can help adjust the environment and culture in my team to help them overcome obstacles.

How did TQ help you overcome any barriers?

My TQ assessor has always been extremely encouraging and supportive; his flexibility has allowed me to tackle the Apprenticeship scheme whilst still carrying out my day job and his persistence has ensured that I stay focussed throughout.

What next?

I am keen to finish the NVQ Level 3 in Management first, then look to see what further education I can undertake.

What advice would you give someone looking to start an Apprenticeship?

I would advise them to jump in feet first, to view the Apprenticeship as the great opportunity for development that it is and to stay focused on completing the work, not putting it to one side.

More about Southeastern

Southeastern is a large train operating company that runs service throughout London, Kent and parts of East Sussex. Southeastern implemented the country’s first, and only, domestic high-speed service; which is where I currently work.