My Apprenticeship By Mohamed Sinera

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My Team Leading



by Mohamed Sinera


Why an Apprenticeship?

  • My line manager had recommended this program to  me because he recognises I have the potential to excel.

  • He challenged me to take up management role in the near future.

  • Part of my job role is to cover a supervisory position within the business in different locations.

  • I believe that the apprenticeship is the right approach to enhancing my team leadership knowledge and skills.

  • The apprenticeship gives me the opportunity to learn whilst working and be able to apply the knowledge gained almost immediately.


What did your Apprenticeship programme involve?

The programme is very intense and it involves lots of research work in a number of topical areas, presentations, live interviews, one to one tutor discussions on current and topical issues, group discussions, observations whilst I carry out my duties at work, interactive exams as well as learning functional skills such as Maths, English and IT.

In additions I have had the opportunity to reflect on my job role as well as other job roles within my organisation as well as creating a Curriculum Vitae.


Malcolm Vine is my tutor. Along with a time frame sets our meetings. Generally we will meet once a month. I always have the opportunity to send in my work earlier. Malcolm is very good at sending me reminders as I work at different locations.

The programme is very challenging. My tutor is extremely helpful and will provide me with guidance as and when requested. He is very flexible with meeting times as I work at different locations.

All meetings are held at work where I get the opportunity to get updates on my progress as well as conduct interviews and presentations.


What did you learn?

To begin with I had to produce a Curriculum Vitae and I had to do a number of times to get this right.

I was able to look further into the activities of Southern rail the company I work for and learn a lot more about my role as well as the role of others within my team through the research into Employee/Employer Rights and Responsibilities.

Communication both written and oral form a big part in the programme. I feel I am better able to write reports as well as undertake presentations.


Part of my job role as a Supervisor is to undertake induction for new entrants. I have built more confidence through the apprenticeship program to deliver inductions as well as organising and chairing team meetings.

I have learnt techniques in identifying causes of conflicts as well as dealing with conflict within my team.

Individual and team performance is critical to the success of our organisation. I have learnt skills and techniques in managing performance. Within this is to be able to identify strengths and weakness and how to support team members.


My Tutor was able to help me improved on my Maths, English and IT skills. As I work in the ticket office improved maths skills means I can work well within the sales team. Being able to put this case study together through Microsoft PowerPoint is as a result of this apprenticeship programme.

I have gained a lot – far more than I had anticipated. I enjoyed the learning experience as well as being able to put what I have learnt into practice immediately.

The certificate earned from this course will help me further my career into a management role. I am a step closer to achieving my career aspirations.

How did/does your Tutor support you through your Apprenticeship?

Malcolm is very time conscious and sends reminders for coursework submission. He is very patient and will take time to explain in simple terms any concerns or issues I raise. Malcolm gives me the opportunity to ask as many questions as possible and quite often he will spend more time with me even if our meeting should have finished.

His work ethics and dedication to work is second to non. On some occasions he will visit me at work on his day off to run through some things with me. His guidance and encouragement when I am struggling made me get through the course.




I struggled with certain aspects of Maths for example Shapes, Measurement. He will set simple tasks such as measuring your room for instance. This enabled me to tackle the more difficult aspect of maths.

TQ have been brilliant and Malcolm has been exceptional and would not hesitate to recommend TQ to anyone who requires their service.



What next?

  • The knowledge and skills I have learnt is very useful in my current role

  • My career aspirations is to become a manager

  • Once I obtain my certificate I will be applying for promotion into management

  • I will also look into continue my studies within TQ Training management

  • I will cherish the opportunity to work with Malcolm Vine


Employer/Line Manager Comments

“Mohamed Sinera is one of the senior members of staff in my area. He is very knowledgeable and diligent. He works in supervisory capacity amongst other jobs.

Being a staff representative, Mo commands a great deal of respect among his peers. He can be relied upon to complete tasks even during difficult times. Hence I never hesitated in putting him through for Team leadership course because I know he will endeavour to do his best to excel.”


“It is essential to our company to invest in staff training. Training assists the business to run better through employee satisfaction, improved customer service, product knowledge and crucially is likely to reduce staff turnover.”

“We offer apprenticeship to many of our staff that want to further their career and seek promotional opportunities. By developing our staff our company can build a foundation for new employees joining who can learn from those already with apprenticeships. This allows them to see the benefits of working for our company. We want to encourage our staff to self improve and seek promotion within Southern.”