My Apprenticeship By Izabela Nowinska

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My Team Leading




by Izabela Nowinska





Where have you worked before?

I have been working in the National Army Museum and Glenmore Homes Estate Agents. My background and experience is in customer service across different positions. Now I work for Corps Security providing security services to the Wellcome Collection building.



Which Apprenticeship have you completed?

I am still completing the Intermediate Apprenticeship in Team Leading L2.

Why an Apprenticeship?

I asked my company for courses and they offered me various options. One of these was the Apprenticeship in Team Leading.



What did your Apprenticeship programme involve?

My Apprenticeship programme runs for approximately 12 months and consists of different parts: NVQ, Functional Skills (everyday skills in English, maths and ICT) BTEC tests and the ERR unit. The NVQ part is where my performance is assessed by Rafael. He gathers evidence which includes observations, conversations and discussions about my job role.


What did you learn?

I have learned lots of practical skills. English is not my first language and now I’m more confident to deliver a speech or a presentation to the staff that I look after. These new skills will improve my chances of getting a promotion.

How did TQ help you overcome any barriers?

Rafael helped me to review and practice for my ICT tests. This was a bit of a barrier for me as my ICT skills were learned in Polish. He helped by providing online and paper resources and assessing my work each visit.



What next?

I would like to complete my Apprenticeship in Team Leading and apply for management positions.

What advice would you give someone looking to start an Apprenticeship?

Provide enough time for the visits and complete your work on time. Your assessor is here to help you, so get in touch with them and ask for help when you don’t understand things.


Employer comments / benefits to the company

“I am very pleased with the training that Rafael provided and have received some very good feedback from Izabela. I have already seen the changes in her performance on site and she has excelled in many areas which proves she must have taken all of your training on board and put it to good use on site.”

 “Corps Security are very keen investing in our people and to provide training to a high standard so as to deliver a top quality service to all our clients.”


“The apprentice programme works very well where the trainer attends site along with our employer and has a direct hands on approach and therefore, gets a real value and understanding of the type of duties they will be able to project their learning skills to. Corps Security believe that our staff come first and by giving and supplying good quality training to our employees it gives them more experience and skills to move further in their career, which also shows in their motivation, and therefore delivering a better service to our clients along with an excellent and improved customer service.”       

Christopher Shane. Corps Security – Area Manager