High Sheriff Visits TQ Training

by | Jul 23, 2015 | TQ News

Dr Ahmed Ibrahim Mukhtar DL, the High Sheriff of Northamptonshire, visited TQ’s Head Offices at Braunston on Monday 20th July 2015.

Ian Polhill and Mike Motley met the High Sheriff on a recent event organised by the Sabre organisation and held in London in support of the Defence community and invited him to visit TQ, which he graciously accepted.


The High Sheriff’s position is held for one year and is largely ceremonial nowadays – he represents the Queen in upholding all matters relating to the judiciary and his responsibilities, conferred through the Privy Council, are:

  • Attending Royal visits to the county;
  • Attending High Court Judges on the circuit and ensuring their well-being;
  • Acts as returning officer for parliamentary elections ( a role recognised in the Magna Carta);
  • Proclaiming the accession of a new Sovereign, and
  • Various ceremonial functions.

The High Sheriff is the oldest office in the country, the only secular office surviving from Saxon times (since 1017).

In the past, the High Sheriff would convene courts, raise a posse in pursuit of felons, collect taxes and be the principal representative of the Crown in the county.

On the darker side, the High Sheriff would also oversee executions and, in the reign of Mary Tudor, would be responsible for burning heretics at the stake.

The High Sheriff of Northamptonshire, in 1587, led Mary Queen of Scots to her beheading and was then responsible for single-handedly burying her in the grounds of Fotheringhay Castle.

He must have carried out this well as her body has never been found!

His visit to TQ Training fits well into his mission: “It is my intention to celebrate the efforts of organisations, groups and individuals who contribute to the well-being of children and young people; their health, education, training, sport and social life. I will also be supporting the efforts of those who promote integration and cohesion within the wider community of Northamptonshire”.

During his visit, Mike and he discussed matters such as the ability to influence policy makers and the possibility of increasing Apprenticeship take-up in the NHS.

Ahmed was previously the Medical Director at the Kettering Foundation Trust. He saw training in action for our new e-portfolio system, the action ongoing to meet our audit requirements for government funding, the demonstration of Tribal’s CRM for our business development efforts, meeting staff from across the company as a result.

I think that we all made the High Sheriff very welcome and I look forward to working with him on the future and mutually supporting our missions, especially in Northamptonshire.